Timetable and reminder for semester 1/2015

Please be informed and reminded below information for the semester 1/2015.

1) Class commence

The semester will start on Monday August 17 2015.

Please kindly check the room and time of your courses in the timetable. If you need to change the room, please inform to K. Petai.

2)  TQF3

Please be reminded to submit TQF3 forms to K. Petai (cc to Dr. Lin) before the class commences.

(Notice: the old TQF3 forms are available at Google drive and please don’t forget to change the date inside the footnote if you amend the old forms)

3) Textbook Ordering

If you need to order a new or update edition of the text book, please send the library form to K. Petai  and price ASAP for further process.

4) Handout Printing

Please consider submitting your handout to the printing office or send to K. Petai at least 2 day before your class.