SoIT Bi-weekly Seminar (Friday, 8 February 2013)

School of Information Technology (SoIT) held a Bi-weekly Seminar on Friday, 8 February 201 at the auditorium room, 3rd Floor, BBD Building.

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Topic name:  A Conceptual Framework for Adaptive Teaching-Learning Platform

Abstract:  As high school education faces various problems such as students lack of interest in learning, teaching methods that are tiresome for both teachers and students and conducting effective in-class assessments that are time consuming, a number of researchers have been trying to alleviate such problems via an autonomous learning approach. However, it is still in doubt if the approach will be beneficial to a large body of students as such a style requires a great deal of self-learning commitment and perseverance from to succeed. This paper proposes a conceptual framework for an adaptive teaching-learning platform in which mobile devices and indoor location-based technology are utilized to assist thw teaching process and appropriately adjust learning objects according to student’s learning ability.


Topic name:    Benefits of E-learning in Cloud Computing: Lessons Learned from Traditional E-learning

Abstract: The Internet has been driving force behind the emergence of e-learning for over a decade. Recently, cloud computing has been applied to many sorts of applications such as e-business, e-commerce, e-government, and also e-learning. With cloud computing, many benefits could be achieved such as reduction in total cost of ownership, flexible budget control, and high resource scalability and availability. This research study will propose an e-learning framework running on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a set of cloud computing services provided by Amazon. In this framework, we will present a set of building blocks based on AWS and guidelines for a scalable e-learning system development while keeping the costs of operating the e-learning system controllable. An academic institute could potentially benefit from this framework, especially when its budget is a major constraint.