Dr. Rachanee Ungrangsi



  • PhD (Information Technology), Shinawatra University, Thailand
  • MSc (Computer Systems Engineering), Boston University, USA
  • BEng (Computer Engineering), Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Research Areas

  • Database Technologies
  • XML and Semantic Web Technologies
  • Web 2.0 and Social Networks
  • Collective Knowledge Creation Systems

Current Research Projects


  • Sirisup Laohakiat, Photchanan Ratanajaipan, Krissada Chalermsook, Leenhapat Navaravong, Rachanee Ungrangsi, Aekavute Sujarae and Krissada Maleewong: Temporal Analysis of Twitter Response and Performance Evaluation of Twitter Channels using Capacitor Charging Model, Recent advances in information and Communication Technology, Vol. 769, 2018.
  • Sirisup Laohakiat, Photchanan Ratanajaipan, Leenhapat Navaravong, Rachanee Ungransi, and Krissada Maleewong, A fuzzy density-based incremental clustering algorithm, Proceedings of the 15th international joint conference on computer science and software engineering (JCSSE2018), 2018.
  • Myint, L. and Ungrangsi, R. (2017). GPR Target Correcting Method according to the ITI Changes in the BPMR Channel due to TMR effect. The proceedings of the 32nd International Technical Conference on Circuits / Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC 2017), Busan, Korea.
  • Ungrangsi, R., Anutariya, C., and Wuwongse, V., Enhancing Folksonomy-based Ontology Retrieval, to be appeared in International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (Special issue on Semantic Media Adaptation and Personalization), February 2010 (Impact Factor: 1.8).
  • Ungrangsi, R., Anutariya, C., and Wuwongse, V., SQORE: An Ontology Retrieval Framework for the Next Generation Web, in Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (Special issue on Semantic, Knowledge and Grid), Vol.21, No. 5, Page 651-671, February 2009 (Impact Factor: 1.154).
  • Ungrangsi, R., Anutariya, C., and Wuwongse, V., CombiSQORE: A Combinative-Ontology Retrieval System for Next Generation Semantic Web Applications, in IEICE transactions on Information and Systems (Special Section on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support System), Vol.E91-D, No.11, Page2616-2625, November 2008 (Impact Factor: 0.245).
  • Ungrangsi, R., and Simperl, E., “OMeGA: An Automatic OMV-based Ontology Metadata Generation Application”, in Proc. of the 16th Int’l Conf. on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW2008), LNCS5268, Italy, October 2008. (Impact Factor: 0.402).
  • Ungrangsi, R., Anutariya, C., and Wuwongse, V.: “CombiSQORE: An Ontology Combination Algorithm”, in Proc. of the 6th Int’l Semantic Web Conf. (ISWC2007), LNCS 4825, Korea, November 11-15, 2007. (selected as a spotlight paper) (Impact Factor: 0.402).
  • Ungrangsi, R., Anutariya, C., and Wuwongse, V., “SQORE-based Ontology Retrieval System”, in Proc. of the 18th Int’l Conf. on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA2007), LNCS 4653, Germany, September 03-07, 2007. (Impact Factor: 0.402).
  • Anutariya, C., Ungrangsi, R., and Wuwongse, V.: “SQORE: A Framework for Semantic Query base OntologyRetrieval,” in Proc. of 12th Int’l Conf. on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA07), LNCS 4443, Bangkok, April 2007. (Impact Factor: 0.402).
  • Ungrangsi, R., Trachtenberg, A., Starobinski, D.: “An Implementation of Indoor Location Detection Systems Based on Identifying Codes”, in LNCS 3283: the proceedings of IFIP INTELLCOMM 2004, Bangkok, November 2004 (nominated for best paper award.) (Impact Factor: 0.402).
  • Ray, S., Starobinski, D., Trachtenberg, A., Ungrangsi, R.: “Location Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks”, in IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications (Special Issue on Fundamental Performance Limits of Wireless Sensor Networks), August 2004. (Impact factor: 1.621).


  • Telephone: +66 (0) 2-599-0000