Watcharanon Tienthanasith and Wanvisa Prayodying
iCard originated from the idea of the traditional business card exchange. It allows you to exchange contact information via mobile devices such as iPhone or iPod Touch. The user can create his/her own personal contact information that can be transferred from the user’s device to another nearby device via a “shaking” mechanism, which is similar to the traditional “hand shake”. The information is kept automatically in the contact book of both devices. After that, there will be a greeting message on the screen together with another special feature in the application that can speak the greeting message to the user.


Danudej Saksupa, Lakwadee Jampachaisri, Natchaya Kijmongkolchai, and Watcharanon Tienthanasith
The Department of International Trade Promotion (Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government), whose major role is improving the nation’s economy in order to be able to compete in the international market, considers the necessity of using electronic media as a tool to develop and increase the potential of Thailand in the world market. Essentially, electronic media are very important for the DITP activities, such as international exhibitions. These exhibitions are crucial as it helps in raising the value of export goods. Consequently, the use of electronics for the purpose of advertising these expos will help expand the online market efficiently. This can be done by the iTradeShow application, which will establish the Trade Show system on the Internet, along with the online market. These establishments will help promoting Thai goods and services to the world market as much as possible by showing information on mobile devices about products and exhibitors in the exhibition.


WePhoto [Video]
Lakwadee Jampachaisri and Danudej Saksupa
WePhoto is an innovative low-cost advertising application. The idea originated from the social network phenomenon. The application can take a photo, and put a stamp and a short description on the photo. The stamp can be a company’s logo, the name of an event or a seminar, or any activities banner. Moreover, the application has the ability to share the stamped photo via e-mail or social networking sites such as facebook. This is one of the greatest and easiest ways to promote and advertise brands, organizations, events, and companies.


Tap Me If You Can [Video]
Natchaya Kijmongkolchai
Tap Me If You Can is an iPad application to help children between 2 and 4 years old build up their vocabularies. This can be done through attractive and colorful cartoon pictures, together with interesting sounds. This application emphasizes developing both reading and listening skills in the English language. When children hear and read the vocabulary appearing on the screen, they are required to tap the corresponding cartoon picture, which will be moving around the screen with some other unrelated cartoon picture. Besides helping in reading and listening skills, it can also help in speaking skill by letting the user repeats the word after the vocabulary is spoken.


KorKai Hunsa [Video]
Sarut Sirikasemsap, Salisar Rungwalapad, Sunthon Thongsuk, Danudej Saksupa, and
Natchaya Kijmongkolchai
KorKai Hunsa is an edutainment mobile application suitable for children between 1-5 years old or foreigners who wish to learn how to write the Thai alphabet correctly. KorKai Hunsa also helps in practicing how to read the Thai alphabet accurately. In addition, the application includes the actual sound of objects or animals which are related to each of the alphabet, together with colorful pictures. Consequently, parents and teachers are able to use the KoKai Hunsa application, both in and outside the classroom, as an interesting learning instrument for the purpose of growing fundamental knowledge in children.


Draw Me Luck
Danudej Saksupa
Lucky Draw is a mobile application that simulates the lotto. It prompts you to enter the prizes which are in the lotto, together with their amount, and the appropriate time for each prize to be drawn. This application can set the time for a big prize to be drawn by using a mathematical formula. The big prize will not be drawn until a certain period of time, which has been specified. It is a very useful application which is applicable to many game of chances and activities in events.


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