An invited talk on the topic “Cloud Computing: Case Study on Cloud Application Development Based on Amazon AWS”

On August 7th, 2013, the School of Information Technology organized a seminar at Shinawatra University Bangkok Campus (BBD) on the topic : “Cloud Computing: Case Study on Cloud Application Development Based on Amazon AWS”.  The talk was presented by Dr. Chokchai “Box” Leangsuksun, the SWEPCO Endowed Professor and an Associate Professor in Computer Science and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology (CEnIT) at Louisiana Tech University.

The talk presented some background on cloud computing and  recent experiences in evaluating cloud & other solutions and making decisions towards cloud services. The speaker discussed requirements aspects of real-world applications such as medical applications and another R&D project as well as why his decision was made toward cloud solutions based on both technical and business facts.






Dr. Chokchai “Box” Leangsuksun was also past president of the Association of Thai Professionals in America and Canada. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in computer science from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio in 1995 and 1989 respectively. His research interests include

  • Resilience  and Disaster Recovery
  • High Performance Computing & GPGPU
  • Service-Oriented Architectures, cloud computing, Service engineering and management

Prior to joining Louisiana Tech University in early 2002, “Box” was a member of the Technical Staff at Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs Innovation, from 1995-2002 and was responsible for many key research and development roles of various strategic products.  Within a short academic time span, Box has established his name and research recognition by founding and co-chairing international high availability and performance & resilience workshops, attracting multi-million dollar research funds from the US government Department of Energy, the Department of Defense and National Science Foundation, serving as program committee in various international conferences/workshops, releasing open source software, writing articles featured in major technical journals/magazines, and giving presentations in highly-regarded conferences. He has also collaborated with various research groups and national and industrial labs, which include Oak Ridge National Lab, Los Alamos, Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, Dell, Intel, and Ericsson.  Since 2004, he has received equipment donations worth more than half a million dollars from Intel.

In September 2003, he received an outstanding teaching award from the college of Engineering and Science, Louisiana Tech University.

In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, few telephones worked and communications generally were very poor meaning many people became separated from their friends and family. Box with the help of a group of his students built the website which helped people entering the name of someone they wanted to locate to discover their whereabouts. The website had collected more than 25,000 entries and more than 10,000 visits within a matter of days.