A visit to our students during their summer internship (Year 2014)

During the summer semester, our BSCS students, especially 3rd year students who are due to complete their degree in the next academic year, have participated in the summer internship program exposing them to the realities of the working environment. Most  worked in software development, IT consulting, or research & development (R&D) organizations. Such internship programs provide students with enormous opportunities to gain hands-on, practical experience as briefly presented in the following showcases: 

From left-to-right: Mr. Ugyen, Dr. Chutiporn, and Mr. Lhakpa.

From left-to-right: Mr. Ugyen, Dr. Chutiporn (the dean of SoIT), and Mr. Lhakpa.

Recently, on 17th July 2014, Asst. Prof. Chutiporn Anutariya, the dean of SoIT school, visited the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), a Thailand government organization, which conducts R&D activities for supporting and promoting the development of electronics and computer technologies. Mr. Lhakpa Dorji and Mr. Ugyen Dorji, two of our BSCS students, are currently taking an internship in the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory, a research unit under NECTEC whose mission is to answer the needs of industry and society and to improve efficiency and safety in traveling and transportation. Both Lhakpa and Ugyen have learned how information technologies can be integrated and utilized in a traffic information service. The two students have been assigned to conduct a practical experiment in retrieving valuable information from Facebook using a machine learning technique to filter out relevant traffic related information. Such information would later be shared among other users to avoid traffic congestion and manage their travel plans more efficiently. 


At the I AM Consult Consulting company

At the I AM Consult Consulting company


At the 9 NET Co.,Ltd.

At the 9 NET Co.,Ltd. / From left-to-right: Mr. Tinnakorn Laoraovirot (the MD of 9 NET), Dr. Photchanan, Ms. Sharifa, and Mr. Pattadon

On 23rd July 2014, Dr. Krissada Maleewong and Dr. Photchanan Ratanajaipan, SoIT faculty members, paid a visit to our BSCS students working as internships. The first visit was to Ms. Rose Mary Sonia Karungi who is now working at a management and technology consulting company named I AM CONSULTING. This was followed by a visit to Ms. Sharifa Nabatanzi and Mr. Pattadon Kaewintra who work at a software development company named 9 NET Co.,Ltd.  All three students were given an opportunity to participate in various mobile application development projects.

The internship program is a fundamental teaching principle within SoIT as the school recognizes the significance of real world experience in acquiring tacit knowledge to back up explicit computer science skills acquired in the classrooms and laboratories. Through interning, students have an opportunity to accumulate new skills, build connections within a career field, “test drive” a career and many more besides. 

To align ourselves with both current-and-future market demands, the school has intensively trained students to learn cutting-edge information and communication technologies such as mobile/web application development, data analytics, cyber-security, software-defined networking, smart-grid, and cloud computing. SoIT Students are not only schooled in computer science, they are also trained in interpersonal skills such as teamwork in preparation for the workplace environment.The combination of these skills and the internship program experience make our students ready to meet these demands.