Donation at Special Education Center Region 12 in Chonburi

On Saturday 21st September 2013, CS students organized a field trip to visit the Special Education Center Region 12 in Chonburi to donate 12,000 Baht worth of scholarships for children (500 Baht per scholarship making a total of 24 scholarships) and 5,000 Baht worth of rice, white sugar, diapers, and milk.

Here are some of the doner names consisting of Professors, alumni, staffs, and friends:
1. Voradej Pisutsak 1,000 Baht
2. Chutiporn Anutariya 1,000 Baht
3. Photchanan Ratanajaipan 1,000 Baht
4. Notenote NoteJung 1,000 Baht
5. April EclAir 1,000 Baht
6. Pawadee Keratichewanun 2,000 Baht
7. Anupong Muttaraid 1,000 Baht
8. S.P. Rich Garment Co.,Ltd. 1,000 Baht
9. Ninna Seiya Karnasuta 1,000 Baht
10. Yosapong P 1,000 Baht
11. Supicha Sukanjanath and family 1,600 Baht
and many more…

You may not know the names of the children you are helping, but you already put a smile on their faces!