The twenty-tens (2010s) have been marked by a number of breathtaking technological advancements – Ambient Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Pervasive Computing - a technological tsunami that has long since rendered trusty benchmarks like Moore’s law irrelevant.

The rapid pace of technological advancement has resulted in unprecedented utilization of computing systems as a means of delivering increasingly complex and demanding customer expectations.  As a result society now literally DEPENDS on technology to the extent that failures are at best inconvenient, and for some, life-changing.

The Dependable Systems SIG conducts research into pioneering methods, tools, techniques and processes capable of avoiding, detecting, tolerating and removal of threats posed by computer-based systems to people, property and the environment. Our research is grounded in fields as diverse as communication, energy and transportation infrastructures, while addressing growing areas of concern such as sustained and systematic high level attacks on cloud applications and services.