Dr. Aekavute Sujarae

Associate Dean and Lecturer


  • DEng (Computer Engineering), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • MEng (Computer Engineering), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • BEng (Computer Engineering), Florida Institute of Technology, USA

Research Areas

  • Distance Learning Technology
  • E-Learning and U-Learning (Ubiquitous Learning)
  • IoT and Pervasive Computing Technology
  • Multimedia Streaming Technologies

Current Research Projects

  • Adaptive Teaching and Learning Platform
  • Pervasive Advertising Platform


International Journals

  • Sujarae, A., Kijmongkolchai N., Anutariya , C.  An Adaptive Personalized Learning System. KKU Engineering Journal volume 43 special issues S1, 2016. (Thai-Impact factor 2013-2015: 0.146)

International Conference Proceedings

  • Sirisup Laohakiat, Photchanan Ratanajaipan, Krissada Chalermsook, Leenhapat Navaravong, Rachanee Ungrangsi, Aekavute Sujarae and Krissada Maleewong: Temporal Analysis of Twitter Response and Performance Evaluation of Twitter Channels using Capacitor Charging Model, Recent advances in information and Communication Technology, Vol. 769, 2018.
  • Sujarae, A., Kijmongkolchai, N., Anutariya , C. (Aug. 2016) An Adaptive Personalized Learning System. KKU-IENC 2016. The 6th KKU International Conference 2016, At Pullman Khon Kaen Raja Orchid Hotel.
  • Sujarae, A., Anutariya , C. (Jan. 2014) A Framework for In-Class Teaching Assistant Platform. Proceedings of ACM IMCOM (ICUIMC) 2014, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  • Sujarae, A., Chaiyapotpanit, C. (Jan. 2003) Web Based Class on Demand Application. Proceedings of Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Conference 2003, Japan.
  • Sujarae, A., Sadananda, R. and Yulu, Q. (Nov. 1996) A Neural Network Based Routing Model. Proceedings of IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication System, Singapore.
  • Sujarae, A. and Sadananda, R. (May 1996) Routing Model Based on Self-Organization. Proceedings of International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization, Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Sujarae, A. and Sadananda, R. (Aug. 1994) Self-Organizing Networks for Adaptive Routing, New Directions in Simulation for Manufacturing and Communications, Editor Murotos et al., Japan.


  • Telephone: +66 (0) 2-599-0000 Ext. 1524
  • Public Key: here