Academic Advising Meeting for semester 2/2015

Dear All CS students,

I would like to inform the academic advising meeting period with is within April 18-27, 2016. It is  a compulsory procedure for all undergraduate students. If the students fail to contact or arrange the meeting without any reasonable excuse, they may not be allowed to do the online registration in next semester and consequently it may also have an affect on consideration of your scholarship application.

 The procedures for Academic Advising Meeting are as below
1. Check your adviser name in the advisor-advisee list and their office hours at
2. Contact to your adviser to arrange the meeting appointment by in person (preferable), email, or phone and confirm the meeting time and date again.
3. Complete Advising Meeting Form and Preregistration Form ( checking your current academic status from online registration system  and BSCS curriculum from

3. Meet with the advisor on the meeting day and discuss including, but not limited to, below issues,

  • your results from Midterm Exams,
  • your study plan for graduate,
  • courses you need to register next semester,
  • your difficulties
  • etc.
4. Request your advisor to write his recommendation and signature after the meeting.

5. Submit the completed forms.

For more information, please contact to K. Petai, SoIT school office.